Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fifteen

Friday Fifteen

Yesterday I skipped the Thursday Thirteen so, as my consequence, I present the Friday Fifteen.

Fifteen Household Chores That Remain Undone

1. Remove dandelions from lawn...There aren't that many, but to sustain peace with my neighbors it must be done.

2. Weed back flower bed...If I do this,I think I will be happier pulling into the back driveway.

3. Paint molding in dining room...There is nothing more unsightly than an unfinished DIY home improvement project.

4. Finish cleaning out the garage...According, to the manual not one but two cars are supposed to fit "easily".

5. Shampoo upstairs carpet...Perhaps, I should add getting shampooer upstairs to the chore list.

6. Bathe the cat...He enjoys it, I don't.

7. Clean the aquarium...The fish are alive, and that in itself is an accomplishment.

8. Organize the closet...If for no other reason than to find out what is taking up all the room in there. I "don't have a thing to wear" so it can't be clothes.

9. Paint fence in the backyard...Where is my inner Tom Sawyer when I need it?

10. Purge files in home office...Will I be less important if I have fewer files?

11. Clean and organize home office... Contrary to popular belief, I think things will be harder to find if I remove them from the piles and stacks all over the room.

12. Shred unwanted documents...This is a never ending battle because I want very few of the "important documents" I receive in the mail.

13. Dust knickknacks...I am leaning heavily towards throwing away all knickknacks.

14. Wash the car...Even though it works perfectly fine without doing this?

15. Be mindful of how many chores could have been done during the making of this list.

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  1. I actually used my rainy day time yesterday to take care of some of the stuff I've been putting off doing--cleaned up a ton of papers, put my trip pictures in an album and straightened out a closet.

    Lists are much more fun!