I picked up a bottle of  Seven Daughters White Wine Blend at my local Henry's . It is a blend that includes Gerwurztraminer, Riesling, Chardonny, Sauvignon Blanc, French Colombard, Symphony, and Orange Muscat.

I could pick up on a hint of the Gerwurztratimer and some of the Riesling (both of which are my "go to" white wines). I could also taste  a hint of Sauvignon Blanc which I dislike.

The biggest problem I had with this was its lack of "personality". This is my first blend, and it lacked a distinguishing taste. It was nothing special, it was just okay. I wasn't looking for any one part of the blend to stand out because, I would think, that would be a bad thing in a "blend"; however, I was expecting something memorable about the taste. Maybe blends are prone to this problem.