Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

I don't litter, I use my blue recycle bin, and I try to get maximum use out of things before I throw them away, but it just seems like reconnecting with the Earth is a necessary (and enjoyable) step in becoming environmentally conscious.

During Spring Break, I started a square foot garden. I did it in hopes of reducing my produce bill and, if it's readily available, actually eating more vegetables. I've wanted to do this for a long time and felt it was now or never. I started from seeds, and I have to admit it has been exciting to see plants breaking through the soil's surface. It was easier than I thought to get started (meaning I probably forgot to do something that was vital to being a successful gardener :-(


Sunday, April 04, 2010

                    Happy Easter!!!

Who Are You?

Funny Mrs.Chilli should mention Audrey Hepburn today (see here). I recently had one of those accept yourself moments when I asked myself which Hepburn archetype lined up with my personality. Audrey or Katherine. Honestly, I'd have to say I am most like Katherine Hepburn. I'm extremely independent. Don't mind getting dirty. Men are drawn to me (haha ;) by respect not lust. I have a friend who has a nice balance of both...I guess she's Lauren Bacall.

Today, I found the following description of Katherine Hepburen here:

You are smart, a real thinker. Every situation is approached with a plan. You are very healthy in mind and body. You don’t take crap from anyone. You have only a couple of individuals that you consider ‘real friends’.. You teach strong family values. Keep your feet planted in them, but don’t overlook a bad situation when it does happen.
Yes, I tried taking this test before I read the description. Guess what... I AM Katherine Hepburn, and I am just fine with that description.