Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today a student really tried to rain on my parade. I've been energized by a new classroom management program I am implementing, but student Z really put a damper on my mood. He went into a loud outburst after being given a pink warning slip to fill out. This result in a white "note home" slip. The disturbance escalated, and I sent him out of the room for a time out. This was not taken seriously, so he was sent to the office. He was sent back to get his backpack and was in the room just long enough to tear both notices, throw them in the trash, and laugh as he left. Upon follow up, I was told by an administrator that they don't know what to do with this student either. I called home to advise his guardian of the situation and, to my surprise, was informed that any problems with his behavior at home or school are being handled by the SRO (sheriff). The SRO will not be in until Thursday. Meanwhile, the child and this situation are both out of control. I have requested an in school suspension for tomorrow and hope to team with the SRO to get this kid on the right track. Forget the zinfandel, just pass me my pillow because I am exhausted!

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  1. According the the DOE and everyone else, including Obama, it is the teacher's fault. You must be doing something wrong. Even his behavior at home must be our fault.

    I would need much more than zinfandel after this day. Good luck.