Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Getting a Handle on Things

Door Handle, Parish Church, Whalton, Northumberland. Photo provided by FreeFoto.com

I miss blogging, and things are clearly out of balance in my life, so here's an attempt to get a handle on things and be consistent.

1. I like participating in reading challenges because they give my reading a sense of direction. I know what's coming next. My TBR list is always exciting, and I get to hear about so many interesting books. On the other hand, there is no way I can create a post about every book. From now on, I'll let my heart be my guide when it comes to posting about books.(The Dewey Challenge is one that's close to my heart, so I will post reviews for that.) I will to update the challenge lists in the side bar of this blog.

2.I plan to continue with the Blog Improvement Challenge when I can. No pressure. Afterall, blogging should be fun.

3. I will also need to alter my blogging goals a bit. Posting three times a week would be nice, but two times is more realistic (anything more than that is a bonus). Reality also dictates that if I post more than one per week there is a good chance they will be done on the same day and within the same hour.

4. The dietary changes I made this year have been a plus and every doctor I have seen insists the changes are helping me and not causing any of the problems I am experiencing.

5. My social life is seriously flat. That must change. Early dinner with the girls tomorrow is a good start.

6. Prayer, study, and meditation time are a must. The morning really is the best time (even if I'm not a morning person).

7. Excercise (enjoyable and in a non-work setting) is a must.

8. I need to de-clutter my environment. Believe it or not, this (and not #7) is the hardest thing for me to do.


  1. I really enjoy your metaphorical handle :D
    And congratulations on your goals: blogging should be fun - fun for the person who writes the posts, that is.
    If people really like your blog, they will visit you, no matter how many or few posts you write a week.

  2. My life has been feeling sort of out of control too, but I don't have a plan for getting a handle on it like you do!

    I totally agree with your point that blogging should be fun and not pressure-filled, so keep working on the BIP without feeling pressure :)

  3. What a great plan. I'm feeling out control myself. . .maybe if I do #6-8 my life would be richer, too.