Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sweet Taste (and Smell) of Success

Family Time turned out to be a great success. We had a blast! The food turned out great! We watched a basketball game (UConn) and then the adults watched a movie. It was pretty good. My nephew (4 yrs. old) and my cat (somewhat overweight and extremely lazy) made their peace and became friends; however, they continued to proceed cautiously around one another when they weren't playing. My house was filled with good food and laughter. That's what I call being successful and wealthy!

On another note, I had the send student Z to the Assistant Principal's office on Friday. I have been at this long enough to know that I can't win over every student, but it still bothers me. The new classroom management approach is working with everyone else. After getting a warning note on his desk, a note home, and having a timeout conference K continued his off-task behavior. After class, I had him call his father and discuss his behavior. This was the last straw for K. "Why do I have to fill out the reminder note, fill out the note home, and call my father? Why don't you do it?", he demanded. I calmly responded, "I am teaching and I am responsible for doing the things that are required for students to learn the standard we are working on. When you misbehave you are responsible for your actions and have to do the things that are required to learn from your mistake." During a paired activity, I heard his partner tell him that if he stopped playing around he wouldn't have to fill out anything or make any phone calls. His father, who showed up after school, sternly gave him the same advice. I give K a great deal of leeway because he has difficulty sitting still, but even he has boundaries. He told me he is just joking around with his classmates when he tries to engage them in conversation or draws things and shows it to them (he also thinks it is unfair that I am usually giving directions while he is doing this).


  1. "My house was filled with good food and laughter. That's what I call being successful and wealthy!"
    I really like that remark :)
    And as a teacher, I can understand it is very difficult not to bring your problems home with you. I am exactly the same, but I try to allow myself to live my life and enjoy it no matter what kind of students I have.

  2. I'm so sorry I haven't been around your blog for a long time. I haven't been blogging much myself, but I just wanted to drop by and say hi, wish you a good weekend and a nice Easter (if you celebrate that) and apologize for being scarce.

    I am finishing my Master thesis and this takes up most of my time. Hopefully, by the end of May, I will be able to blog more and participate more around the blogosphere.

    I am still reviewing books from time to time on my blog, but I am not really active.

    I don't expect you to come running visiting and commenting, I just wanted to let you know that I am very much alive and I miss reading and commenting on your blog very much.

    This is a personal message written to all the blogowner, whose delightful blogs I visit on a regular basis, but it has been copy/pasted. So if you find it on other blogger's blogs, that is why.

    I look very much forward to be active again - and apologize once again for not being active the past month and not being able to be active for another month or two.