Monday, July 28, 2008

New Toy

I picked up my new toy yesterday! I have been researching this phone (LG Voyager) since it and the iPhone came out. I finally made my decision yesterday. It was based in part on the fact that the iPhone just changes too frequently. I know someone who buys a new one whenever they release an upgraded model. In the time I have been researching, he has had what...four phones, and I owned one phone during that entire time. He's usually able sell the old one to someone who just wants an iPhone. That's an additional chore that I would not have the time or energy to do; although, I'm sure the monetary incentive might be the motivation needed to find a buyer for the old phone.

What finally sold me on the Voyager and staying with Verizon was a list of things, but the main one was I just did not want to switch to AT&T. When you are traveling outside of the country they can't be beat, but domestically they just couldn't sway me with their service or their prices.

I am downloading all of my music from my computer into my phone today. Just think, no more phone and iPod when I go for my morning or afternoon walk. I will still use my iPod, especially when I travel...the ability to store over 15,000 photos gives me a sense of security and power.

The quality of the camera on this phone is much better than that of my old phone. I'll post some cell phone pix soon.

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