Friday, July 25, 2008

Catching Up On Reading

Genre: Science Fiction
Rating: 8/10
First Published: 1979
The earth is destroyed to build a freeway and that is where the adventure begins. I enjoyed the fact that the author did not assume the reader is a moron. The humor is intelligent and I appreciated that.

My favorite character in this novel is Ford Perfect. This intergalactic hitchhiker is a survivor. Like the car company he is name after, he manages to keep his head just above water (even when the odds are against him).

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Rating 7/10
First Published: 2004

My middle school students will appreciate this prequel to the Peter Pan story. In this story we get more background information about the Lost Boys, Captain Hook (before the hook), and Tinker Bell. It is a delightful, well told story.

My favorite characters in this story were actually minor characters. The mermaids in this story were not your typically gently, sexy mermaid variety. These girls could really defend themselves and were not afraid to make an offensive maneuver.

Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Rating: 10/10
First Published: 1990

This story, about a botched Apocalypse and a missing Antichrist, was the best of the lot and one of the best books I have read in a while. There are those that have difficulty with this type of book because they feel we should not joke about such things. I take this type of literature for what it is - fiction.

I literally could not put it down, and kept a close eye on anyone who grabbed my book to see what I was reading. My behavior may have given my orthopedic specialist the impression that I think he may be a book thief. My next appointment is in a year, which gives him time to forgive and me time to find another great book with which to tempt him!

My favorite character was (I hate to say it.) the demon, Crowley. If you have a horrible job about which you have some issues, who says you can't do it with style. And if anyone is wondering, Crowely is the same crawling demon that was there in the garden with Eve.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were presented in an interesting way. I had not really considered the variety of ways famine presents itself today, or the similar outcomes resulting from pestilence and pollution.

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