Saturday, January 23, 2010

Use Your Words Not Your Hands

Ms. E., an older woman whose opinion I usually respect, recently made a comment about domestic violence that has troubled me all week. I can't recall exactly what celebrity she was talking about, but she made a comment that this person had "only been slapped" )by a male in her life), and no one would have thought a thing about it if it weren't for her fame. She went on to emphasize that it was just a slap which, in her opinion, was no big deal. I was struck dumb by this woman's comments. I should have spoken up in defense of women everywhere, but I was just so shocked that any woman could honestly believe such a thing. Ms. E has been married and divorced twice. It saddens me to think that my dear friend may have been a victim of this type of violence.

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  1. Something that has always bothered me is when we joke with little kids about hitting. When a little girl hits a little boy (or vice versa), too often it is said that the little girl must like the little boy. This may send the message that hitting = love. It is one thing that I've never said to my own kids or my students.