Friday, January 08, 2010


This week during puppy training class, Max tried to bite the trainer! He has become a very strong-willed dog. This CANNOT continue. If you follow the Cesar Milan at all (it seems like everyone does) , then you know that the root of the problem is me. I personally admit that I'm doing quite a few things wrong:
  • Inconsistency during training
  • giving him too much freedom
  • not being a calm-assertive leader
The last item is the most important and the one I am having the hardest time correcting. Currently, I know I am not sending out a calm-assertive energy; I'm sending out an energy that screams frustration. I am frustrated with my job, my neighborhood, and Max. Saying I have to rise above these things and be the leader I used to be, can be, and am meant to be is easier said than done right now. Regardless, I am not giving up. I'm addressing each of the issues listed above and tightening the reigns on Max. I have also signed up for some one-on-one training sessions for Max and I.

(I am sure that the bulleted items are showing up in my classroom too, and I will be addressing them there too.)

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