Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Developing as a Writer and a Person

As promised, today’s post is about my life as an educator. School resumes on Monday, but there is one student who has been on my mind quite a bit during the break. M has had a rough time, especially this year, but he’s a fighter…literally. When he transferred into my class, his previous teacher apologized every time she saw me in passing…for two weeks. His math/science has demanded he be removed from his classes, but I fought to keep M in my classroom. I kept him because he has potential. He has only turned in a few assignments, is frequently disruptive, and has little respect for authority. Yet, I look at him and see potential. During the last writing assignment the class completed, he took a leadership role and helped other students format their papers on the computer. His paper is one of the few in which I see a writer who is getting better at putting ideas, organization, AND voice in his written work.

Before we left for break, M was sent to my room by another teacher. That gave us an opportunity to talk. Once you get past the bravado, M knows that people expect him to make better choices and rise above the circumstances in his life. He feels he has to fight and be disruptive to get be heard. Yes, he is still has lot to work on, but I see potential in M and his writing.


  1. I look forward to a story one day in which you tell us that M has found his writer's voice!

  2. I also look very much forward to hear the continuation of this story! Wow. I come from a family of teachers (mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law) but have not pursued that career myself. I kinda regret that when I read posts like yours. Its almost like a cliffhanger.