Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am watching Under the Tuscan Sun and thinking about who our real BFF's are. They are not the ones that commiserate with us when relationships, businesses, or dreams die. They are the ones who who go beyond this and encourage and stand by us when we jump back in the fray. If we are reluctant to jump back in they take us by the hand and lead us there. They also accept our definition of love and opportunity without trying to impose their own.

The problem with the commiserating friends is often it is a misery loves company situation, and you can spend decades meeting with the girls (wondering where the men are). In today's busy world, people can't always get that involved in one anothers lives. After decades of commiserating, I thank God for the friends who made the time. Thanks A for helping me remember the good times with Charles. You are right, it wasn't all bad. Thanks AL, VW, and MY for giving me the strength to move on after all those years and accepting that what makes me happy is the best thing for me. Thanks DH for reminding me about the patient, loving, reasonable qualities of God. Happy is not a sin. Happy is okay, better than is good.

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