Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Things I've Learned About Men

Once you allow the heart to heal and meet a genuinely good man, it opens your eyes to things about the opposite sex.

1. They say what they mean.
"I liked your hair the way it was", means just that and not that he does not like your new hairstyle.

2. They are intrigued by women who know what they want.

3. They genuinely enjoy our company, even during the _____ game (basketball, football, baseball, soccer....you fill in the blank.)

4. They have talkative moments, not many, but they have them. They usually happen during a day that you spend doing something he enjoys and thought you would not. As a matter of fact, at times like these, you can shut them up and don't want to. They are actually amusing.

5. They really do love us.

6. They have flaws.

7. They get scared too.

8. They are capable of great things.

9. They have baggage too. They just don't unpack, sort, and analyze every piece. Living out of the suitcase is fine with them.

10. They never "need" help, but they can always "use" a hand, a hug, or directions.

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