Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Awe

Time for cleaning, grading, and planning. Apparently, I am not the only one who does these things on Sunday (see ms-teacher's post)

Here are a few updates while I'm online:

Mom is doing well. Her last treatment was postponed because of an allergic reaction she was having. She has really been a trooper throughout this entire ordeal.

I went to the California Teachers of Reading conference, in Sacramento, last weekend, and had a wonderful time. The speakers were very informative but due to the economy, attendance was lower than usual.

Yes, I survived the "blitz" and so did my students.

I voted yesterday and am relieved that for me the election is over. I feels like McCain and Obama have been campaigning for five years! I am ready to move on. I only had one voting booth change of heart (No, it wasn't about the president...I voted for Obama!). I know that people who have such changes of heart really mess up the pollsters, but reflections on speeches, commercials, and conversation become clearest at the moment a final, decisive action is required.

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