Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sacramento and Updates

Seal of California

inside the Capital Building

the view from our hotel room

cool sculpture near the convention center

I took a lot more photos and will post them when time permits.

I have always been a little timid about posting my views or comments about my job, especially when they pertain to things taking place at my school site or within my school district. Whether positive or negative, I always question the line between my first amendment rights and the privacy of others. For that reason, I rarely post about work. Recently one fellow blogger has been asked to "cease and desist" blogging about his role as an educator and another has been duly warned. All I can say is point made, point taken.

Mom's most recent chemo treatment was the most difficult so far. It has taken her a week to bounce back and begin regaining her energy. Thankfully, she only has one more treatment left.

I haven't done much reading lately, but I did listen to The Boleyn Inheritance on CD. It was a very well told story, and the use of three different reader made the audio that much more enjoyable. As always, Phillipa Gregory did an incredible job with the historical and fictional aspects of the story.

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