Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twilight Part II

My recent post regarding Twilight, by Stephenie Meyers, crossed my mind today. Specifically, I was thinking about the ways in which Edward Cullen has all the qualities the perfect boyfriend would posses. It then occured to me that he has some pretty serious, in fact dangerous, flaws. I fully understand that it is easy to overlook the flaws of a fictional character, but I'm suprised that I am not as troubled as I should be that Bella is keeping Edward's vampire secret and placing herself in harms way.(This is not a good model for the young ladies who think having a man is more important that having a good one.) I get it...she's in love.

Thinking back on some of the men I have dated in the past, I can see that seemingly minor flaws can be a big deal if there is not chemistry between two people. I guess it's true..."Love covers a multitude of sins."

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