Monday, February 04, 2008

Weekends are Wonderful!

This weekend I got some much needed R&R. On Friday, I went to see The Bucket List with my BFF. (Yes, women over 40 have BFF'S. They are what keep us from doing serious harm to men over 40! LOL) The movie was great and so was the girl talk. Thankfully, she talked me out of spending Saturday morning at work, so I had a partial pj day. That afternoon I rode down to Del Mar with a friend and saw a Cirque Du Soliel performance (Corteo). It was absolutely wonderful. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner on the beach after the show. Sunday, I just basked in the afterglow of it all...and then there was Monday, which has proven to be pretty good in spite of the budget talk during today's staff meeting.

I think the way one spends his or her weekend makes a big difference in how stressful the week gets. The challenge is finding inexpensive or free activities that are relaxing enough to be stress busters.

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