Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dinner Party Success

The dinner party I have been nervously planning was a hit!The guest list included a hodge-podge of personalities and everyone got along fabulously!

The menu was a follows:

Appetizers: small crab cakes, ham and cheese baskets, and phyllo triangle with spinach and feta cheese.

Main Entree: Lasagna, Paella, salad, garlic bread, rosemary bread

Dessert: Tunnel of Fudge cake, pound cake, lemon cream pie, Razzleberry pie, and

Beverages included: a homemade blush sangria (complete with apple brandy), several wine choices, coke, Kona coffee, and water.

Yes, there were glitches, but they just added to the fun.

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  1. I didn't know how to contact you, but I responded to a comment that you left on Miss Profe's blog a few weeks ago about foldables. Here were my comments:

    Miss Profe, thanks for the link to my blog. I'm always trying anything that will get my students attention! Hoping that learning will take place. . . .

    care020: it is quite the opposite, mind games are quite needed, even at the high school level. Students play video games and are used to being entertained. By the time the get to high school, their attention span is the same as it was in 8th grade. It has not increased. Just like your 6th graders, the novelty keeps student interested, even my seniors. The seniors have asked for more classes in which they get to do these types of things. They enjoy them and they learn the information--thats all that matters.