Saturday, April 26, 2008

Never a Dull or Unoccupied Moment

This has been the most stressful week I have had all year. I have been dreading it, and the mere thought of it approaching has sent my head spinning several times. Well not only did it come, I am glad to say it went okay. My mom had hip surgery on Tuesday (same thing I had a little over a year ago)and is fine, I had a sub in my room for three days and the room is still standing, and Open House was Thursday night (I was out that day but got the room in order thirty minutes before the big event). On Friday (after work), I took a couple of hours to catch my breath and a nap before driving to up to Mom's to make sure the transition from hospital to home went well. Having tolerated the annoyances provided by my stepfather and aunt (I never play well with others!), I would love to spend the entire weekend relaxing, but I have one week before state testing begins, papers to grade, and D/F notices to send out.

The waiting room gave me time to think about two things that need attention in my life, a relationship that needs to be defined and books.I've finished several books. Thanks to the wonder of audio books and the CD player in my car, I actually got through two of them this week. I am currently working on another one and have a paperback in progress. I'll post my book reviews a little later. Regarding the man, I'll save that for a later post too ;)

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  1. Glad your mom's surgery went well.