Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back to Reality

I am pretty much over the rainbows and butterflies of Spring Break. Nothing like an angry parent, an anal co-worker with email access, parent conferences, and a botched lesson plan or two to snap me back to reality. I got through the week by promising myself I could test two new recipes this weekend.

Okay, Wednesday, I had to spice up the deal by adding a nightly glass of Maurice Car'rie 2006 Muscat Canelli. A friend of mine had me try it. It's sweet, but not overly so.

This weekend I got some rest and exercise. I also reviewed my stress busting plan (comprised of a decent bedtime, some exercise, and better eating habits). This week should go a lot better but, just in case, I am not ruling out that glass of wine.


  1. Sounds like the Week From Hell. I so feel your pain. Sounds like the week I just had.

    I like your stress-busting plan. And, how about throwing in an occasional facial and/or massage?

    Last, thank you for the wine recommendation. Something that I don't enjoy nearly enough: A glass of wine.

  2. I agree with the massage suggestion. I had a 90 minute massage this week, and for that 90 minutes I wasn't one bit stressed!

    I love your favorite quotes. I have recent experience with making someone a priority without getting much in return. I've been giving her several hours a week in free listening and occasional counseling. She finally took my advice and went to therapy. Now I've been dumped. She didn't renew the option. I'm left wondering why I invested so much time in her!

    Thanks for the link to my blog!

  3. You're both right about the massage. I used to get one once a month, but this school year I have slacked off on many of the things that I did to keep me on track. I am in the process of correcting that. As a matter of fact, I will call and schedule a massage today. Thank for the advice!