Friday, September 14, 2007


Between grading papers, planning lessons, meetings, parent contact, dealing with major household tasks (e.g. blind installation and freezer repairs), continuing physical therapy, household cleaning chores, and pet neglect. I have finally seized a moment to enjoy a glass (or two)of wine. As I begin to unwind several thoughts come to mind.

1) Why are stores glad you have career when selling you something, but unwilling to accommodate you work schedule when they have to come out and repair something?

2) Goodbye Sears! Thank you for taking care of me Frigidaire! Hello Pacific Sales! (stems from comment #1)

3) Thank again to the young man (Yes, I am that old.) who installed the blinds that FINALLY arrived. They look great. Dare I say, they were worth the wait?

4) Did anyone think of me when they put an ELD 1 student (Spanish speaking only) in my classroom, a translator every other day, and no curriculum materials in Spanish. Allegedly, I was chosen because I would make a sincere effort to teach her. This child really wants to learn, but the system is doing a mediocre job of helping her. Needless to say, I am scrounging together material for her and we are both frustrated. At least she appreciates my attempts to translate (as time permits) when the aid is not there. She is the only child at our school (currently) who speaks no English, and they cannot create a class for one student. (Creating a nightmare for one teacher, however, is right up their alley.) Part of my plan this weekend is to use my translator software to translate the class notes into Spanish. Hopefully, she understands the dialect my software uses. (I can't figure out if this is a vent or a rant. Let's say both.)

5.Why don't the other adults on campus understand my disdain for classroom interruptions. I thought teaching was the priority, not ASB campaign speeches,dance announcements, constant request for students to come to the counselors office, and phone calls from the office requesting I send students. Apparently, the phone must not be ignored in hopes that they will quietly have a note delivered (which would prevent disturbing the whole class). I have learned that if I do not answer the phone, they make an announcement, asking me to call the office, which disturbs the entire school.

6) Why do parents who admit to only seeing their children during breakfast and on weekends (The rest of their time is spent commuting and working.)insist that I am failing to meet their child's needs.

7) I am considering no longer cooking. Every time I get the kitchen thoroughly cleaned, I cook and have to start all over again. The best solution appears to be no more cooking.

8) My overweight tabby cat has decided the best way get more attention is to wake me up in the middle of the night. I spent time this afternoon playing hide (He tries to hide, I pretend not to see him for a while, and then act surprised when I "find" him. Really!!) in hopes of sleeping through the night tonight.

9) What caused my peaceful life to turn upside down? Could it be #1-8? Oh well, can't answer now, time for that second glass of wine!

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