Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ghana and the Home Front

I expressed, to the group I am traveling with, my concerns about releasing a copy of my bank statement. VOILA! I no longer need to submit one. The group we will be working with in Ghana is putting together financial responsibility cover letters for us.

On the home front, I am having a better drainage system put in on the side of the house and it has been an interesting journey. Several companies refused to send anyone out to even give an estimate because the job was "too small". Have things gotten so good in America that we can refuse jobs that are an honest, legal days work merely because they are "too small"? One company admitted it wasn't that they were too busy to do the job, they just wouldn't make that much doing it, so why bother. I appreciated their honesty and the fact that they didn't try to just charge me a higher price to make up for potential lost revenue. That was very nice, but I still needed to get my drainage problem fixed before the rainy season. (Yes, California has a rainy season!)

I finally found someone advertising in one of the bulk mail envelopes I received last week. I think what caught my attention was the advertisement included the phrase "No job too big or too small". He did the estimate today and will do the work tomorrow. Hopefully, all will go well and I won't regret hiring him.

Sometimes, I miss apartment living.

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