Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hair Journey

I haven't posted much about my natural hair transition. It's coming along wonderfully. I did not do the "big chop" because I did not want to give up length if if was not necessary. Periodically I trim my ends (I have about three inches of permed hair left), and I moisturize my hair and massage my scalp nightly. I've been using twists, twist outs, half-wigs, and pony tail wigs as transitional hairstyles.

These are the products I use on a regular basis:

I usually mix the hair lotion and the shea butter. The hair lotion was too greasy and the shea butter too watery but together they work perfectly.

I've gotten so many complements since I started my transition. This may seem like a great deal of work, but it's less than I had to do when I was relaxing my hair. It still feels liberating because I'm not trying to change my hair; I'm working with it.

No, I haven't posted pictures either, but I'm not big on having my picture taken, so that explains the absence of photos.

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  1. congratulations on your transition. I didn't transition well. After about 2 months I just BCed. The hardest thing for me since BCing is styling and protecting my hair. I how you said, "I'm working with it" Makes me feel better about the decisions I'm making.