Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Goals

Okay, here's the list:

  1. get back on the healthy eating wagon (following a dietary lifestyle based on ayurvedic guidelines) -- don't worry I still believe in Jesus (ayurvedic dietary guidelines have a lot in common with The Maker's Diet but no commercial aspects; only farmers will make money off of my new lifestyle)
  2. transition my hair from chemically relaxed to natural (styling is going to be my biggest challenge) -- Thanks to Wen hair care products, I LOVE MY HAIR!
  3. READ (leisure and professional) -- more actual books not as many audiobooks
  4. map the coming school year
  5. plan the first four weeks of the coming school year
  6. take several small (inexpensive) trips
  7. put three new routines in place to better organize and manage things at home - I hope I get this done because I'm tired of this problem being addressed on every list I've ever made


  1. Great goals! I need to get back on that healthy eating wagon again too. I was doing great until I went on vacation.

  2. EXCELLENT goals!

    You are transitioning to natural hair??? Really cool! What made you decide to do this? I've been natural since October. It has been the hardest and best decision of my life. I'd love to hear more about your process.

    I can't wait to hear more from you re: accomplishing your goals.

    Have a great summer.

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