Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet Max!

Apparently, work, household repairs/remodeling, and life in general weren't keeping me busy. I don't know what came over me, but I decided the to go for it. On Friday, I brought home a puppy!
Meet Max, he's seven weeks old and an expert at being a puppy. As an owner, I am a clueless novice. I was able to get a quiet night sleep last night (thanks to the "Sock Mommy" I made for him and the crate I purchased) The same cannot be said for our first night together.
Max! (He's supposed to be a chihuahua/dachshund mix, but I think there's something else in there too. I hope it's small!)

Kobi is indifferent towards him. He has had to hiss at him a couple of times, but he hasn't tried to do any serious physical damage.
Kobi loves to look into the backyard in hope of getting to go out.

You move you lose! (Kobi went to get a drink and...)This mix-up in the order of the universe was corrected with one hiss and a rather rapid walk/hop in reverse.

Kobi got his wish! While Max was sleeping, Kobi and I spent some time outside. I spent my time drinking coffee, Kobi spent his time relaxing.


  1. My cats love the outdoors but I am too nervous to let them go out, even in the yard. The best they get is an open window or the screened porch, and only when someone is with them. Your guy is lucky!

  2. I forgot to add, he's a beauty! Enjoy him.

  3. Kobi goes with me to check the mail (usually four times a week) and gets 30 minutes of backyard time once a week. I get nervous too.

  4. Max has the characteristics (physical and behavioral) of a Chihuahua/Terrier mix (namely Jack Russell Terrier). The person I got him from admits she has no idea what her Chihuahua mated with. Eventually, I may pay to find out what breeds are in his DNA, but for know know the Jack Chi, Chihuahua, and JRT information I have read has been very helpful.