Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Most Important Thing

I recently heard an administrator (not mine) refer to our state's standardized test as "the most important thing in a students life". I disagree with this opinion. There are students who have parents who are incarcerated, who have been homeless or in foster care at some point, and who have a parent who is, or parents who are, recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction. I know of at least one who has seen someone die a violent death. I am sure these students would also disagree with this administrator's take on testing.


  1. I should think one of the main aims of a school was teaching - or ensuring that the students are learning - which may not necessarily be visible in a test.
    But sadly, testing is also a fad of the current Danish government. I am not against tests or exams at all, but like potatoes, pupils have to develop in peace sometimes.

  2. I wish there was a solution to all of this standardized testing, then it wouldn't "be the most important thing" in a student's life.

    It is terrible to hear stuff like this! His perspective is skewed.

  3. Since when is testing more important than, oh, God, for example? Hmm...