Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Morning!

Sunday mornings are always so refreshing! What can be more refreshing than a relaxed start of a new week. I look at each new week as God giving me more opportunities to experience his creation, and to allow me to impact the lives of others, as I live the best life I can.

I am getting back to my intentional socializing, reading, traveling, journaling, and taking classes when possible.

I am getting a better understanding of my own body and how to nourish it properly. I am now getting sufficient rest, but the excercise thing still proves to be challenging. It is my next project.

Recently, I have made peace with my spiritual beliefs and the areas where they conflict with the beliefs of others. I can now accept that religion really is something you shouldn't discuss with some people if you value peace. There is a lot to be said for respecting other peoples opinions, and not everyone is mature enough to embrace such a concept.


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