Sunday, January 13, 2008


Today wasn't one of my better days. I found myself battling depression all day long. Admittedly, I haven't been eating properly, so I tried to correct that problem. I addressed my sleeping habits too. The great concern I have is that these may not be causes, but symptoms. I fear that the pressures of my job may be the root cause. I didn't get depressed until I went back to work.

All of my teacher friends can relate to this and are helping me work through it. Prayer and excercise are helping too.


  1. Sorry--teaching can do that to you.

    Hoep things get better.

  2. Depression can be very hard. Circumstances like job stress can trigger mine. And I agree that prayer and excercise can help, but when I'm depressed those things are extra hard. Who am I kidding, excercise is always hard.

    The drawing is poignant and beautiful. Did you draw it?

  3. No, Orangehouse, I did not draw the picture. It really summed up what I was experiencing. (I wish I had that kind of talent! Drawing would be a great way to work my way out of the occasional "hole" I find myself in.)